Our Story & History

Generations of Biodynamic Farming.

Banana farming has been a long-standing tradition in the Moorhead and Rutter family.

In 1925, the family’s first banana farm was founded in Banana growing country at Mount Mee, South East Queensland. 

Tremendously proud of their fruit they use biodynamic principles to grow Bananas without the use of chemicals and fertilizers. 

Today, more than 90 years later Moorhead & Rutter are leaders in Banana farming, selling Fresh and Freeze Dried Bananas at farmers markets and online.

The farm is currently in the safe hands of the second generation in Merv and Naomi whose passion for biodynamic farming and quality is second to none.

Our Mission

At Moorhead & Rutter we strive to produce Best Quality fruit for selection and provision to our loyal and ever growing customer base.  

Our mission is to utilise our extensive history, knowledge and our skills to always have the Best Quality available regardless of conditions.

We maintain our enthusiasm and commitment to our produce by recognising each piece of fruit as an individual customer.

I normally don’t eat bananas but I enjoy eating yours

The only problem I have is that the children eat them all the next day and there aren’t any for the rest of the week

My children won’t eat other bananas since they have eaten yours