Banana FAQ

What is the difference between Bio-Dynamic Farming and Organic Farming?

Bio-Dynamic farming utilises natures gifts to produce HEALTHY soil which, in turn, provides the necessary ingredients for a plant to grow well and also produces the environment to minimise the risk of disease and pest infestation.

The structured soil created by the methods of the Bio-Dynamic farmer provides air for soil biology, humus development and access to sunlight and warmth. These being responsible for the taste, aroma, form and colour of the fruit produced.

Because the product is grown with nature doing her best, they ensure we obtain the ingredients to help us be healthy and vibrant.

Why does the fruit we get from Moorhead & Rutter taste so much more like we expect top quality fruit to taste, than various other types?

The methods we use to grow the fruit, ensure the soil is healthy and provides the greatest opportunity for the soil to resist pest infestation and disease.

This, in turn gives the plants the best chance of delivering fruit the way we like to be able eat it.

Where do I get recipes to make the best use of your fruits?

We provide recipes within our website  here.

If you have a particular request, please send it from our contact page.

Often when I buy your bananas at a Farmers Market, I find that I want more before the next weekend. Where can I get them at other times?

Contact us directly with your request and we will do our best to provide you with a solution.