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Some interesting banana facts to get you started:

Why is a banana called a banana?

A banana, is called such because it derives from the word, “banan” which is an Arabic word meaning “finger.” Somewhat resembling the shape of a human digit, a single banana is called a finger and is attached to a group of other bananas called a “hand.”

The average stem can produce up to 240 bananas. 

Every stem produces 9 to 12 hands (rows of bananas). And every hand grows from 14 to 20 fingers (or individual bananas)

There are often 6 to 20 bananas in a bunch.

The Superpowers of the Brilliant Banana

The Superpowers of the Brilliant Banana

It is no wonder Australian bananas are the number one selling fruit and in the top 10 supermarket sales items.  Australians eat around 5 million bananas every day.  Think banana and you think of a great tasting, easy-to-eat fruit.  Well, there are 9 other brilliant...

Flavour Packed Banana Bread

Flavour Packed Banana Bread

Banana Bread is a family favourite and using our Banana Powder and Banana you can create Banana bread with flavour that not only packs a punch but will keep you and the family coming back for more.   What You Need:   Melted butter or oil, for greasing  300g...