Bringing Biodynamic Bananas to your Table

Biodynamic and organic Banana, free of chemicals and full of taste and banana goodness. Good for you and your family


Biodynamic Nutrition through Organically Certified Banana & Banana Products

Banana farming has been a long standing tradition in the Moorhead family. 

In 1925 the family’s first banana farm was established by Charlie Moorhead at Mt Mee, Queensland.

The farm is now proudly owned by Charlie’s Son Merv and his wife Naomi. Learning from his father, Merv has taken banana farming back to its origins, growing bananas without the use of chemicals and fertilizers through biodynamic farming principles.

The Moorhead & Rutter farm is now located in the beautiful and banana friendly environment of Wamuran, Queensland – just west of Caboolture.

Today, more than 90 years since inception, Moorhead & Rutter are one of the country’s leaders in banana farming. Distributing their produce through organic ‘Farmers’ Markets, direct to consumers and through normal wholesale channels to retailers of organically produced fruit & veg. 

Freeze Dried Bananas

Our Freeze Dried Banana Bites are from Cavendish Bananas grown at Wamuran in South east Queensland using Bio-dynamic growing methods.

They are perfect for lunchboxes, snacks on the go, road trips and are the perfect 3pm slump pick up snack. 


100% Organic

Our growing method ensures the Bananas have heightened taste, flavour and grow with a rich creamy texture. Our Freeze drying process retains the ‘goodness’ of the Banana which includes dietary fibre and protein.  

From farm to packet, inside you will find 100% certified organic bananas. Freeze dried to preserve their nutritious benefits without the use of pesticides or chemical preservatives.

These are soooo good! Best description, a piece of banana pavlova that pops and melts in your mouth... Amaaazing!

I normally don’t eat bananas but I enjoy eating yours

The only problem I have is that the children eat them all the next day and there aren’t any for the rest of the week

My children won’t eat other bananas since they have eaten yours

Did you know Bananas are actually an Herb? 

Sometimes mistaken as a tree because of its size and appearance, the banana plant is actually an herb (Genus Musa) which is cultivated for its fruit.

The banana is one of the most widely cultivated fruit crops in the world -grown in more than 130 countries – and of course, it is also one of the most popular. 

Bananas and your Nutrition and Health

Bananas rank among the healthiest fruits. A single serving of a medium banana weighs in at approximately 100 calories and includes 2.8 grams of dietary fibre and 1 gram of protein.

Bananas are also rich in A and B vitamins, with more B6 than any other fruit. Plus Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin and Folic Acid. They also contain small amounts of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and traces of iron and zinc.

Bananas are also an especially rich source of the mineral potassium, which fuels the muscles and aids in contraction, making them an ideal snack just prior to any kind of physical activity.

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